Make it Easy

We are easy to deal with.
When things slow us down, we find a better way.
We prioritize the impact that matters most and take the most direct route to it.

Aim Higher

We set the standard in top quality work to create the greatest impact for the PMI community.
We lead the way by thinking long-term and acting in the short-term.
We fearlessly take ownership of what we do, knowing every action counts.

Be Welcoming

We create genuine belonging for all, because our differences make us stronger.
We act with humanity, showing care, empathy and respect for others’ needs.
We assume good intent and seek to understand, not judge.

Embrace Curiosity

We are always seeking ways to better serve the PMI community.
We see challenges as opportunities to innovate, and take them.
We feel able to fail fast in order to get it right.

Together We Can

We build deep, trusting relationships that help us work towards our mission together.
We use our shared purpose to unite us as a community and drive us forward to create impact.
We act in alignment with our global goals, while being empowered to deliver locally.